Asset Trusts

To give our clients versatility, flexibility and protection for many years to come, our instructed Barristers and Solicitors created the Guardian Legal Asset Trust. Our robust, flag-ship product enables individuals to protect their homes, businesses, un-deeded properties and even liquid assets for future generations to come as it enjoys special status within the Law.

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Robust Protection


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What are Asset Trusts

The concept of Trusts dates back nearly a thousands years, and they are now part of our every day life; used by such likes as hospitals, schools and pension schemes. This customised, legal documentation will afford you and your family special protection and preserve your assets for as long as you choose.

With a Guardian Legal Asset Trust you can ensure that your assets efficiently and safely pass to your loved ones when the time is right, as items held in trust do not require a Grant of Probate so the associated delays and costs of this legal process are avoided – a saving of potentially £1000’s of pounds.

Tax planning with trusts

In addition, a Guardian Legal Asset Trust can be used as a tax planning tool so your assets are not unnecessarily swallowed up in the future. It is important to review your estate and put in place measures to minimise any tax that you will pay, or indeed pass the burden of paying this tax onto your loved ones. However, we do not recommend this product as part of care-fee planning if you are not fit and healthy and foresee the need for residential care in the future – seek specific guidance from Guardian Legal if you’re uncertain.

Further benfits of our asset trusts

The Guardian Legal Asset Trust are that it will hold assets for your inheritors who cannot currently receive them before a certain time, eg: children or disabled persons. It can also protect your assets against bankruptcy or relationship failure of an inheritor.

This unique, customised Asset Trust is created and tailored for you as an individual. It can protect your home, your savings, and even your personal items of value such as Antiques, Designer Goods or Jewellery. This Trust is designed to protect and preserve your Estate for the entirety of your lifetime, ensuring it’s swift passing to your chosen beneficiaries at the appropriate time in your future.

A Guardian Legal Asset Trust protects your assets no matter what the future holds

A must have product for everyday life. NB: A Guardian Legal Asset Trust cannot be used to deliberately avoid care fees – ask your Guardian Legal Consultant for more information.

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Asset Trust

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