Family Trusts

Having been created by our fully qualified Solicitors, in line with current legal precedents, this customised Trust has been uniquely formulated to give suitably robust protection to a sole family home.

Uniquely Formulated


Robust Protection


No Costly Process


No Risks


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 The Traditional Way

The traditional way of protecting a family home was to carry out a ‘Transfer of Equity’ or ‘Deed of Gift’ where those you wish to inherit your home were conveyed onto the Property Deeds.


However, this process carries many risks as a chosen inheritor’s circumstances can easily change, eg: relationship or financial failure. Furthermore, some authorities are now seeing this as an act of trying to avoid care-fees, i.e.: deliberate deprivation of assets.

Our Family Trust

A much more robust product that not only permits you full residing rights over your home, but it also allows you to sell the property should you wish to relocate or downsize, keeping you in full control and giving you total flexibility throughout.

 In Summary

Via our Family Trust, you as the original homeowner gift your chosen family member(s) a share(s) of the property during your lifetime in recognition of the love and affection you feel towards that/ those family member(s.) Then in the fullness of time, when your final wishes are met, your family member(s,) who acted as Trustee(s) in your Family Trust, simply agree to dissolve the Trust in order to take full and instant possession of their inheritance. The Family Trust avoids the costly process of a property having to pass through probate, giving an average saving of 3% to 8% of the property value; as your future beneficiaries will own the property during their lifetime without the need for the property to pass through the Will.

The Family Trust, by Guardian Legal, is the perfect product for those homeowners wishing to gift a property inheritance during their lifetime without any risk or loss of control and those wanting to reduce the costly and slow process of probate.

Family Trusts

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