Lasting Power of Attorney (financial decisions)

The Government recommends that every adult with a Bank Account should have a Lasting Power of Attorney. Without this vital documentation you run the risk of losing control of your finances.

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Why have a Lasting Power of Attorney

By having Guardian Legal create your Lasting Power of Attorney, you legally nominate one or more people you trust to make important financial decisions on your behalf in the future should you no longer be able to do so through illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, loss of sight, dementia, stroke, accident, etc.

Risks of not having a Lasting Power of Attorney

Without a Lasting Power of Attorney, should you become unable to manage your own finances and affairs, then under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 the authorities can freeze your bank and/ or building society account. You will then fall under ‘Court of Protection’ rule where your finances and affairs will all of a sudden be controlled by this powerful government body. Decisions about purchases and/ or paying day-to-day bills are no longer yours or your families! Charges are added to all your future transactions and the whole situation can be terribly costly and frustrating.

Prevent ‘Court Protection’

A Lasting Power of Attorney ensures you and your family stay in control of your finances.

Keeping control of your finances

A Guardian Legal Lasting Power of Attorney will prevent ‘Court of Protection’ rule and keep you and your family in control of your finances. The document activates at a point in your future when you need the assistance and it nominates trusted family or friends to legally run your finances and affairs on your behalf – saving you a small fortune in fees and preventing financial loss of control. With us all living longer and the associated illnesses of old age and modern living on the up, don’t get caught out by not having a Lasting Power of Attorney – after all prevention is better than cure.