Lasting Power of Attorney (Healthcare decisions)

Due to illness, should you become unable to make your own decisions relating to your medical care then a Lasting Power of Attorney (Healthcare decisions) is essential.

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Why have a Lasting Power of Attorney

This legal document permits you to appoint a trusted family member(s)-or a good friend, to make decisions of this nature on your behalf and/ or relay your wishes in the future. Whilst you are healthy, you and your family can decide for your future on the type of health care and medical treatment you receive, including life sustaining treatment; where you live; day to day matters such as diet and daily routine – why leave something as vitally important as this to chance in the future?


Without a Healthcare decisions Lasting Power of Attorney, Doctors and Families are often left guessing on which decisions you would have made that affect your future care or treatment. We all need that trusted person to step-in to make vital decisions on our behalf and when we are unable to do so – decisions we would have made that have only our own interests at heart.

Our Lasting Powers of Attorney

All Lasting Powers of Attorney prepared by Guardian Legal are registered immediately upon completion at the Office of the Public Guardian so they are available for your use at a moment’s notice in the future.

Why leave it to chance?

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