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If You Don’t Make A Will

If you die without a Will then the ‘Laws of Intestacy’ will be forced upon your estate and family – this is often a costly and painfully slow process that will prove a testing time to any family, not least being that some family members can be excluded from inheriting what is rightfully theirs.

Without a Will

Gaining a Grant of Probate can add unnecessary time and cost to an already very difficult time for families. Surprisingly, the surviving spouse will not automatically inherit the whole estate and unmarried couples often get nothing from one another.

In some instances, where there is no Will, estates can be swallowed up by The Treasury and rightful inheritance to families is not possible – last year alone around £20million of inheritance was lost this way.

So to summarise, making a Will is the responsible thing to do and it is the only way you can express your final wishes, fairly gift your loved ones and ensure your legacy lives on. With Guardian Legal you have taken an important step towards putting your affairs in order, thereby giving you and your family total peace of mind for the future by ensuring your final wishes are met.

Did You Know?

A copy of a Will is NOT a valid legal document, and the original must be produced after your passing so secure storage is vital but with selective access when the time is right. Let us safely and securely store your Will through our ‘Safe-Store’ facility…

Safe Store Facility

Safe and secure storage of vital legal documents is essential as all too often paperwork is lost, stolen or damaged. At Guardian Legal we offer a ‘Safe-Store’ facility where for a small one-off cost we will take full responsibility for the lifetime storage of the legal documents we prepare on your behalf along with any related documents, eg: House Deeds. Then when the time is right we will release the documentation to your nominated recipients ensuring privacy, security and accuracy. Take advantage of this service which again will only add to your peace of mind.

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