Will Based Trusts

Guardian Legal Protective Property Trust Wills are a proven and established product that affords protection to couples wishing to safeguard their home, ensuring the property is eventually passed down to those they wish to gift.

Uniquely Formulated

Robust Protection

No Costly Process

No Risks

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Protect your property

You & your spouse’s joint tenancy of the property is severed officially at Land Registry as part of our creation of the Protective Property Trust Wills, then the ownership is re-issued as Tenants in Common – affording each of you the opportunity to protect your 50% of the property to pass on as you see fit.

How we protect you

Stage by stage Trusts are created within the Will, so upon first death the product is activated and a right of residence is applied for the surviving partner. Part of the property is now safely held in Trust which will ensure it is gifted as per your wishes when your Will is eventually read. Without a Protective Property Trust, the property can automatically pass over to the surviving joint owner. This creates a potential problem if the surviving owner then goes on to remarry, leaving their estate to their future spouse.

The house could then pass to children of the second relationship and the deceased partners children may get nothing. Furthermore, if the surviving spouse went into care the local authority can consider the home as an asset, to assist in paying for care-fees.

Protective Property Trusts

Ensure that your assets are released in a guaranteed pre planned mannor to beneficiaries of your chocie.

 In Summary

A Protective Property Trust ensures that each child is guaranteed their planned inheritance or distribution of assets, ensuring that your part of the property goes to your children. Assets are released upon second death and or upon re-marriage of the surviving partner, guaranteeing that each child or beneficiary receives the inheritance planned.