Experts in Estate Planning & Asset Protection

We can ensure your home, assets & affairs are legally protected. We can help you minimise Inheritance Tax, Probate fees, Funeral Costs & in some cases even future care-fees.

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Specialist Advice

Guardian Legal is a national company who specialise in providing members of the public with essential information and advice on Asset Protection and Estate Planning.

Our network of professional legal consultants offer free, home consultations about essential later-life planning covering issues that will eventually affect us all such as bloodline planning, capping funeral costs, inheritance tax, probate costs and maybe even care-fee planning.

In addition, we provide talks free of charge to any Associations and Organisations whose members could benefit from receiving the information we have to offer.

With specialist advice from Guardian Legal you can ensure your assets are not needlessly lost to Government Taxes, fees and/or charges.

Do not put at risk all you have worked hard for and diminish the amount your loved ones should inherit.



Do not leave it to chance or when it is all too late!

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Protecting your future

Growing old can be complicated enough, do not lose control of your own important decisions. If you wish to ensure your loved ones inherit all they are due then contact us at Guardian Legal.

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